Storytelling with Sequential Art

Single panel from Toilet Humor and Dick Jokes
Single panel from Toilet Humor and Dick Jokes

I have enjoyed comics since I was a youth, both reading and creating them. Below is a collection of comics I've created over the years, some dating back to 2004.

Toilet Humor and Dick Jokes

I saw a lot of strips out there on Facebook and what not about women's problems, but I don't have those, so I figured I'd have to make mine about men's problems. Specifically, my problems. Write what you know, right? And hey, if you can't laugh at something...

Starting with Episode 3, the comics are made with Clip Studio Paint (formerly Manga Studio).

I wrote the website in valid HTML 3.2 just for shits and giggles. It's always a nice exercise to learn the roots of your craft. By the time I started coding websites by hand in the late 90's, HTML 4.0 was already a thing. I would have gone all the way back to HTML 2.0, but I really wanted to center things.

The site is hosted on Neocities because it reminds of the glory days of GeoCities.

Strips 4 Singles

Panel of a Strips 4 Singles Comic
Panel of a Strips 4 Singles Comic

I like drawing, but never really have a reason or the drive, so I devised Strips 4 Singles as a way to solve both problems. People submit things for me to draw, pay $1 per panel, and since they pay for them, I’m obligated to create. Obviously, with at most $9 per project, it’s not very sustainable financially, but the intention was not to make money off of it.

The website was originally built with Ruby on Rails, but is now defunct. A collection of some of my favorite Strips can be found here.

Want your own Strip 4 Singles? Hit me up at and we can work something out.

24 Hour Comic Day 2014

24 Hour Comic Day is a yearly event on the first Saturday of October, where cartoonists from all over the world create comics from start to finish in 24 consecutive hours. I participated in 2014 and almost succeeded in creating a 24 page comic in just under 24 hours. I got a migraine about 20 hours in and had to give up. I finished the next day.


My first foray into web comics was the story 3 friends and their numerous, truly bizarre misadventures.

Screenshot of
Screenshot of

The year was 2004. I was a care free college student only a year out of high school. Still living at home, getting into mischief high school friends, and spending a lot of time online. After discovering that web comics could allow any old Joe to be a successful comic artist, I wrote a few strips based on adventures with my friends, built a rudimentary web page and threw them online.

For a little more than a year (60 strips in total), I updated the website weekly with new comics. By web comic standards of the time, this was an eternity. I worked just as hard on this side project as I did my course work (perhaps even more so). Eventually, school caught up to me and I burned out. While I did periodically create a stand alone strip here and there, Poonheads would essentially be no more.

Years later, my web hosting was canceled and Poonheads had effectively disappeared from the web. Since I needed to put the comics somewhere, and tumblr was the new hotness at the time, I started and account uploaded all the old content there. I created a custom theme based on the design of the original website and forwarded the domain. The archive, in addition to a bunch of extra content including sketches, flyers, and a new comic I created for the 10th anniversary, can be found there.