IMLS Video

Animated introduction video for CADRE

The CADRE project is funded by a grant from the IMLS. In applying for the grant, it was decided by the PIs that we needed an eye-catching introduction video to easily explain the problem we were trying to solve and the proposed solution. At the time, IUNI had limited resources and it fell upon the IUNI IT Team to figure something out before the grant submission deadline less than a week away.

After a short brainstorming session, I came up with the idea to create a "whiteboard" animation because it could be done relatively quickly with off-the-shelf software. Because it was my idea and I was the only one of us with experience in illustration, I was volunteered to create the visuals for the video. The script was written as a collaboration between the PIs and our data manager. The narration was recorded by our data manager because he has a British accent. After being given the audio recording, I created the illustrations by hand, traced them into Adobe Illustrator, and imported the Illustrator files into a whiteboard animation creation software.

To reiterate, this process was completed in under a week by a couple of IT professionals. Thankfully, the work was not in vain. It is widely believed that this video was a primary contributing factor to the success of our grant proposal.