Shake It Tarot

Tarot Card Android app

The idea is that by adding the human-factor back into the process, this digital deck will provide a more accurate and personal reading.

The idea was originally generated through a discussion about Tarot cards with my coworkers at IUNI.

I don't generally believe in that kind of thing, but I'm of the mind that if Tarot cards were real, then the physical act of shuffling the cards would be an important factor in determining the order and how that order relates to the user. Digital Tarot apps would typically sort the cards algorithmically and completely remove this interaction.

In order for an app to replicate the "real" functionality of a tarot deck, it would need to utilize some physical interaction. With all the fancy sensors in a phone, the logical conclusion was to use the accelerometer


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Special Thanks

  • Kate Eddens
  • Erin Pullen
  • Xiaoran Yan
  • Varvara Gehres